Projects Managed

IT project management is often flawed

Most organisations settle on either using existing operations staff, or recruit a contract Project Manager from the market.

When using an operations team member here are some of the questions we think need to be asked.

  • Do they actually have time available for this IT project?
  • Have they done an IT project like this before?
  • What project management methodologies will they apply?
  • Do they know when to engage with the sponsor?
  • Have they engaged with that level of person before?
  • What is their priority when urgent operations issues arise?
  • What happens when they are away on leave for sickness or holiday?
  • Will they manage the IT project or spend their time on the technical detail? (as they normally do)

Or when using a contract Project Manager.

  • Was I able to get the skills and experience I need for the budget I have?
  • Does the IT project really need a full time project manager?
  • During key periods of the IT project will it need more than one person?
  • How will the Project Manager be managed, and by whom.
  • Will this manager know what questions to ask to make sure the IT project is on track?
  • What project methodology will they apply and will it suit my business?
  • Who can he go to for advice?
  • Will he integrate with my already busy team?
  • What do I do if he is away on leave for sickness or holidays?

These are all very reasonable questions, and in both cases there is a considerable possibility for the project to go astray.


ITD have a better way

We are offering IT Project services that don’t have the same limitations that most businesses face.

  • You can pay for your project management time by the hour, ensuring you have a full account of where the time was spent.
  • Have the IT project supported by a collaborative team; you have a primary project manager supported by other skilled project resources including project coordinators, project managers and senior project managers. No issues with sickness or leave, the team has full oversight of the project.
  • Remove the need for you to invest in your own project methodology, leveraging ITD’s that has been refined over many years of successful project delivery.
  • You can supplement your own resources as much or as little as you like, for example you can use our independent PIR service, project closure service, project QA service or you can use project management hours to cover leave or busy periods of a project.