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Projects 360

How can you be sure that your project is being managed effectively and will deliver the outcomes on time and on budget?

Projects can appear on track one day, then a complete mess the next.

Project managers and project teams will often back themselves to make up time/solve a problem rather than report an issue with the project.
Project boards and sponsors will often trust in the individuals and staff, even though there is no logical plan, to make up the time and/or solve the problem, long before the executive and board are notified. Rarely do you have the time to set a clear and measurable tolerance to identify problems that will derail the project or the time to review and give feedback on the artifacts (inner workings) of the project, the same artifacts that will identify those very issues.

We can help. IT Delivery can perform ongoing Project QA to help you keep across the project from start to end.

Our Projects 360 Service includes:

  • Regular reviews of key reports, such as status reports, risk and issues/change registers.
  • Regular interviews with key project stakeholders and the project sponsor.
  • Regular reporting on health of the project and the project governance.
  • An experienced consultant attending regular steering committee to facilitate discussions.
  • An ongoing ability to engage additional expert consultants should some issues be picked up on the project.