IT Changes Managed

Quality IT Change Management is rare

In businesses there is always a drive to get the job done, and very rarely do IT departments have all the resources they need.
This often leads to:

  • Technical staff making risky changes on the fly believing they are doing the right thing for the business .
  • Complacency creeping in through personal relationships “ I know him so I’ll trust it’s going to get done correctly”
  • Or simply having no support in place for staff to check their ideas and plans before they take the leap to implementation.

In all of these cases the business doesn’t get the information they need from IT to effectively manage their risks.

FAQ’s about IT change management:

  • For unmanaged, unmonitored and uncontrolled IT changes, the success rate is less than 70%
  • 80% of unplanned downtime is caused by people and process issues including poor change management practices
  • IT Changes that fail create potential downtime, unplanned emergency work, changes in plans, and are a business risk
  • Unplanned work is an indicator of the maturity of IT management processes and controls
  • Organisations, on average, spend 45-55% of their time on unplanned activities
  • High performing IT organisations spend less than 5% of their time on unplanned work


IT Delivery can help

IT Delivery provides a IT change management solution that works with your internal staff to drive better IT change management practices including:

  • Provide expert IT change management governance through monitoring and management of the end to end process
  • Improve transparency of IT change and planning to business system owners
  • Augment internal knowledge and skills with ITD’s change specialists who have managed hundreds of changes for many organisations.
  • Implement ongoing QA into change to ensure the organisations benefit from continuous improvement.
  • Track all information around changes in a single location.