Interact is the leading supplier of intelligent intranet software.

Founded in 1996, Interact is one of the fastest growing intranet software companies and has been profitable every year since its inception. Interact has built a solid reputation for both product excellence and outstanding customer service.

Organisations using Interact Intranet report improved efficiency, greater productivity, increased employee engagement, better decision-making and cost savings.

Interact removes the headache of building and implementing a successful intranet and ensures maximum user adoption.

Interact Intranet is the No 1.SharePoint alternative and is a purpose-built intranet platform that is easy to use for people, is quick to deploy on-site, is cost effective and

Advantages of an Interact Intranet include:

  • More engaging employee experiences ‚Äď applications, content and key social services¬†combined contextually for each employee across any channel;
  • Improved efficiency ‚Äď speedier access to the right information securely, in the office or¬†remotely via VPN.
  • Knowledge exchange ‚Äď via forums, blogs, and with subject matter experts;
  • Employee empowerment ‚Äď enable users to create and manage content;
  • Repurpose existing IT investments by extending functions to more users;
  • Decrease costs ‚Äď automate processes, unleash siloed information, speed up work by¬†leveraging multiple channels.

Key Interact Intranet Features:

Below is a breakdown of what is included in the ‚ÄúEnterprise‚ÄĚ edition for Interact Intranet:
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Full Intranet Search – Interact’ s intelligent search provides simple and quick access to all content. It searches¬†all intranet content including; documents, people directory, calendars, blogs and all attachments.

Social People Directory РThe People Directory helps employees locate the details of their co-workers quickly and ensure collaboration is made easy.

Easy to Use CMS – Empower non-technical users by making intranet content easy to add.

Unique Intelligence Store – Interact Intranet’s unique Intelligence Store helps to make sure vital information on¬†your intranet isn’t missed. Using data from a person’s profile, timeline, search history, preferences, who they¬†follow, and much more, the information is then fed into intelligent tools to uncover relevant content to that¬†user.

Customisable Homepage Manager – Creating engaging and attractive homepages is easy with Interact

Intranet. Quick and easy tools like ‘drag and drop’ and one click resize for our large selection of widgets

ensures your homepages are kept up-to-date and relevant with minimal effort.

Interact Forums РInteract Discussion Forums make it simple for employees to communicate, share ideas, find answers and effectively collaborate throughout your company.

Interact Answers – Links questions to experts. A powerful algorithm that takes questions and searches through¬†users’ profiles to present people who are most likely to provide the correct answer based on their profile¬†information.

Responsive Mobile Design – Your intranet available on any device, at any time. Interact Intranet Mobile makes¬†it easy to access your intranet on the move on any device ensuring you’re always kept up to date.

Workflow & Forms – Interact Intranet’s Workflow & Forms Manager streamlines processes by making paper¬†based forms electronic and accessible to everyone throughout the intranet. This enables employees to save¬†time and focus on more profitable areas of a business.

Multi-site – The multi-site feature in Interact Intranet makes it easy to create different homepages, menus and¬†content for each location ensuring your intranet meets your user’s needs, wherever they are.

Event Calendar РEvent Calendar can be used for a wide variety of events across all departments in your company.

Blogging Tool РInteracts Blogging Tool improves internal communication and helps build a sense of community within a company, breaking down information silos and boosting employee morale and productivity.

Interact Teams РInteract Teams breaks down company silos and simplifies group collaboration by providing a single platform for communities of common interest, regardless of location.

Interact Tasks РInteract Task Management App makes it easy to quickly add, assign and prioritise tasks for simple project, event or day-to-day management. Create tasks instantly from Interacts Top Toolbar or set tasks within Team or Content Areas, offering maximum flexibility in supporting the way you work.

Interact Analytics – Interact Analytics is a powerful reporting tool that not only tells you how your intranet is

performing but also identifies where current issues lie and how you can resolve them.

Question Bank – Test your employee’s knowledge and understanding using simple content based tests on your¬†intranet.

Version Control РVersion Control within Interact Intranet CMS is a powerful tool for those needing an integrated audit trail and rollback on important documents. It also comes equipped with the ability to lock documents while a single person edits it, making documents compliant and control effortless.

Ad Sync РAD Synchronization allows you to link your Interact Intranet to your Active Directory. Benefits of the synchronization include a significant reduction in administration of logins and employee profiles as well as the ability for users to seamlessly sign into the site with your domain credentials.

Custom Branding РCreate bespoke branding to give your intranet a corporate makeover that suits your company image.

Intranet Strategy Foundations – Access to online Intranet Strategy videos.

Expenses Manager – Interact’ s Expense Manager allows you to handle the company expenses electronically.

Absence Manager РAll requests and authorisations for employee absences are carried out through the intranet vastly reducing the workload of your HR team, whilst still providing some of the most advanced reporting tools available.

Room and Resources РMake sure people have the right resources at the right time and get more people using the intranet by enabling them to book meeting rooms and other resources online.

Support Desk РDeliver and manage internal support issues through your intranet. Sophisticated management reporting and escalation tools are all provided in this enterprise class support desk application.

Training Manager РTraining Manager enables you to log details of all training courses that your company provides as well as courses provided for your staff by external companies.

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