The number of projects undertaken by IT is at an all-time high. IT departments struggle to implement adequate and consistent project governance leading to disorganised projects that struggle to deliver the desired outcomes to the business. With our experience in implementing PMO’s, managing programs and projects we can provide you with solutions that will allow you to deliver your projects successfully.

PMO Process Review and Implementation

Do you have an¬†existing¬†PMO that isn’t performing or believe that you are at the stage where you need to implement a layer of governance across your project team? ITD can work with your team to develop a PMO that suits your business. Our experience can accelerate the maturing of your new PMO and help you deliver results that will enhance the way your projects are managed and¬†delivered. If you already have a PMO that you believe isn’t delivering what you need we will review your documented and undocumented¬†processes¬†against best practice and¬†your¬†business requirements and assist you to deliver the improvements your business needs.


Project Management Process Review and Implementation

Project management is risky enough without the added variables of a incomplete and changing Project Management process.  We can review of your documented and undocumented Project Management process against best practice and business requirements. Includes starting a project, initiating a project, executing a project, closing a project and all supporting processes. If your project management is adhoc we can implement new or amended Project Management processes. This service may include workshops with key Project Management staff, documentation of processes, review and approval cycles, training to staff, identification of scope and implementation for a Project Management tool.

System review

We can review your PMO / Project Management system including; a review of the business requirements from your service level agreement, and business stakeholders; a walk-through of the system from a power user; a review of your collection of example Projects, the Project life-cycle, and any other parts of the solution used e.g. reporting & risks. We can also review available functionality that should be used and more broadly look at other solutions that could meet the business requirements.