IT Solutioning

Technology projects are complex. Whether its working with the business to define the requirements, working with the market to frame the opportunities, managing the vendor to deliver the solution or working with internal staff to use the solution effectively. With so many moving parts, and so many stakeholders involved in so many ways, it’s no wonder that so many technology projects are unsuccessful.

IT Delivery has many years of experience delivering business outcomes through technology projects. We support the business through the full project life-cycle from defining the business outcomes through to training and support of staff.

Business Requirement Identification – High Level

Based on the brief, we meet with all the stakeholders either individually or through running a series of workshops to discuss, understand and collect the requirements that will drive the desired business outcomes. The output is a documented solution of sufficient detail to underpin further discussion and analysis, and is suitableĀ for presentation to stakeholders.

Business Requirement Identification – Detailed

Detailed requirements are the foundation of an accurate and relevant scope, and a correctly managed scope is the cornerstone of a successful project. Ā Using the high level requirements, we work with stakeholders directly and through workshops to document the detailed requirements that will drive the solution, the implementation, the testing and ultimately define the detailed change to the business. We produce examples of how the requirements will appear to stakeholders in actual operations to ensure clarity and obtain agreement and sign off to a level that can feed into the project scope.

Solution Identification

Using the requirements, we research the marketplace through a number of channels to provide a comprehensive list of the options the business has to meet their requirements. We provide high levelĀ guidanceĀ around the costs, fit to the business and ease of use. We provide a short list with the pros and cons identified and the unvarnished truth about the likely delivery, the issues others have faced and what the client can expect from theirĀ implementation.

Solution – Vendor Management

We manage the vendor engagement process, briefing them on the high level requirements, organising appropriate information and organising vendor demos where appropriate. We also collate the information into a report and provide a recommendation about how best to proceed

Solution – Tender Management

We manage the tender for you, planning the tender process, working with the business to collect the appropriate information

Solution Implementation (Change & Project Management)

We drive the Implementation of the new solution, project managed and change managed. Power users and business users trained, solutions fully embedded and deliver results.