Vendor Management

Vendor selection and management can be the key to the successful delivery of IT in any company. We have over 30 years combined in vendor selection, due diligence, and ongoing management of procured goods and services. We know how to get you a competitive price and to ensure that what’s delivered meets your functional and quality requirements.

Full vendor review

We interview stakeholders involved in the purchasing process from end to end. The IT dept who specifies the items, the admins who place the orders, the people who receive the goods, the finance people who receive the invoice, the end users who use the services and so on. We meet with the vendor account managers who work with your company and their management who set the processes. The we bring it all together into a report that identifies what is good, and what area could improve and how.

Vendor Negotiation

We understand your requirements and then work with all the parties to obtain the best fit for your needs, including matching the organisation profile, business & functional requirements, technology policy and frameworks and matching the budget . We can work through a number of methods including an informal negotiation, an informal tender, or as a formal tender, in each case working to get you the best outcome.

Vendor engagement

Once you have selected the right Vendor, we manage the full engagement process from; completion of the contracts, setting up the vendor management process, project management of the contract mobilisation and can extend as far as supporting the organisation through any changes. We help them get on board faster, more efficiently and help them deliver better outcomes.