Service Management

Every business has an IT service that could be improved. It could be a Legacy system, a solution that was over specified, a lack of knowledge or skills or it’s just not the right tool for for the job. We  review the various aspects, and help you improve the outcomes, whether you’re looking for an increase in performance, additional capacity or rightsizing the cost of providing it for your business.

Service Review

We review a service or services from top to bottom, from the original to current requirements, the current operation and cost, how it performs for the business, how it should perform, what benefits the business can get and how to get there.

Service Improvement & Implementation

We take the lead on the improvement program of a key service /s making sure the improvement plan is executed efficiently using project and change management principals including managing any impact on staff, vendors, customers and so on. The output is an improvement to your services that is well managed into production.

Service post outage review

At your location we chair workshops to establish the details of the outage  and get all the views on the what, the how and the why. We then review the evidence and perform analysis around the root cause and contributing factors. We provide you with a report that clearly articulates what happened and how to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Service capacity and performance plan

We take your requirements and future plans, and overlay this with the current and future capacity of the services you provide. We deliver to you a report that gives you a playbook of when and how you should go about underpinning your services and adding performance and capacity to get the best return on your investment.

Service Sourcing / Outsourcing

We take your plans to change the sourcing of one or all of your IT services, help you find and shortlist providers, plan the migration or implementation in detail including all the people, business, cultural and management aspects, and then guide you to execute the change efficiently.