Service Desk

The service desk is the face of IT to the business. Even so the service desk staff are often the most junior in IT and can struggle to get the support needed to deliver a consistently great service. Our experience in designing improvements to service desks through initiatives such as ITIL process selection and  implementation, KPI identification, dashboard reporting and staff skills improvement will enable your service desk to fulfill its potential as the key Business to IT interface.

Process Review

Well defined and well understood processes are the cornerstone of a successful Service Desk. Review of your documented and undocumented service desk processes against best practice, and the requirements of your business, will allow us to identify the gaps that may be the source of customer dissatisfaction. Typically this will include a review of Service desk systems, staffing, capability and ITIL type processes such as incident management, problem management, communication and so on.

Process design and Implementation

Processes are the cornerstone of the service desk, and can be the source of great success or abject failure. We will understand the needs of your business, design processes to meet them and then manage the correct and successful implementation. This service may include workshop with key service desk staff, documentation of process, a review and approval cycle, training to staff, identification of implement scope for service desk tool, management of internal and external resources.

People and management РHuman factors assessment (staff / culture / performance management )

HFA (human factors assessment) is a diagnostic analysis of the interface between people and technology. It assesses through a framework of interviews and surveys a range of attributes that should be necessarily present for an enterprise to deliver business outcomes in a best practice context. Staff are asked to assess the attributes’ importance and its’ presence in reality. This is further combined with interview question sets to determine culture, vision, performance management and technology suitability and effectiveness. Through this understanding real improvements in service delivery can be achieved.

System review

Review of the service desk system. Includes a review of the business requirements through the service level agreement, and business stakeholders, an end to end walk-through of the system from a power user, collection of example calls, the call life-cycle, and any other parts of the solution used eg reporting & assets. We can also review available functionality that could be used and look more broadly at other solutions that may meet the business requirements.

System implementation

You have your team in place and some of the standard process and now its time to implement a service desk system to improve the business outcomes.  We can help you define your requirements, find the vendors that fit and help deliver the project through managing the technical, people training, and process change.

Customer Satisfaction

We can perform a customer satisfaction survey focused on the service desk component of the IT department to help get to the bottom of how the service desk is perceived, perform and where the business believes they need to improve.  This can be completed through; an electronic survey to maximize the number of responses and minimize the response time, or through direct face to face contact to maximise the quality of the feedback and eliminate any of the politics that often cloud genuine feedback, or a mixture of both.