IT Change Management

Correctly implemented Change Management will drive significant improvement in the availability of business systems and data. Technology people when under the pressure of a busy schedule and tight time-frames struggle to adequately plan and test changes. ITD help companies implement and manage ongoing IT change management, giving true transparency to the business and empowering technology staff to focus on the technology.

Change Management Process Review

We review of your documented & undocumented change management policy and practice, and the impact of past changes on the organisation. We benchmark this against best practice for similar organisations to produce a gap analysis and road-map for you to achieve quality and effective change management in your business.

Change Management Process Implementation

When you have decided on the implementation of a new or amended change management process ITD can successfully manage this in to production for you. This is a tailored solution but could include workshops with key service desk staff, documentation of process, definition of the review and approval cycle, training of staff, scoping for your information tracking tool, management of internal & external resources and so on. After implementation we can provide ongoing assessment and training as required.

Change Manage – Important change

Are you planning a major implementation or high risk change?  We are able to take on your change coordination & management to relieve your team of the burden, and to give independent oversight so increasing the chances of a successful implementation. We work with your process and best practice to make sure all the bases are covered including, implementation steps, resourcing, pre and post testing, escalation, communication, back-out planning and risk management.

Post Change Review

We act as the independent reviewer of a failed or messy change. We bring all the parties together, create an environment without blame, and collect the information required to learn from the change to enable you to make sure of future success.