Software Development

Software development can be a messy business, with personalities and history often clouding the end result. ITD can help you understand how your development team is performing and how to improve, but we can also provide development services both onshore and offshore to supplement your team or provide a new capability.

Develop Content Website

Whether is largely fixed or dynamic content, mostly text or multimedia, we can help you deliver your next web site using all the newest technologies and standards.  With experience using all the major CMS solutions coupled with our hosting we can have your intranet or web site up and running quickly and delivering results for your business.

Develop Business Solution

Do you have an idea for your business and are struggling to find the software out there to help your deliver?  We can help.  With access to both onshore and offshore resources we are able to help you develop and define your solution requirements, build it using in any of the major technology stacks (examples .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails) , leveraging commercial and open-source solutions (examples Microsoft CRM, Alfresco, SharePoint, JBOSS) and delivery the solution into your business.

Software Development Health Check

Not sure if your software development is working as it should? ¬†We can look at all the major parts including process, people and system to quickly ascertain¬†what’s¬†working and where it needs to be improved.

Process Review (Agile or Waterfall)

Review of your documented /undocumented software development process against best practice and/or business requirements. Includes review of requirements gathering, analysis, design, architecture, coding, source code management, testing, documentation and staff management.

Process Implementation (Agile or Waterfall)

Implementation of a new or amended Software development process. Can include workshop with key software development staff, documentation of process, review and approval cycle, training to staff, identification of implement scope for software development tool, management of internal /external to re-configure Software development Tool. Can also include 3, 6 , 12 month reviews with retraining / tweaks.

System Review

Review of the software development system. Includes a review of the business requirements through the service level agreement, and business stakeholders, an end to end walk-through of the system from a power user, collection of example changes / defects and the development life-cycle, and any other parts of the solution used e.g. reporting & test cases We can also review available functionality that should be used and more broadly look at other solutions that could meet the business requirements.

System Implementation

Implementation of a new software development system, project managed and change managed. Power users and business users trained.

People and Management РHuman factors assessment (staff / culture / performance management )

HFA (human factors assessment) is a diagnostic analysis of the interface between people and technology. It assesses through a framework of interviews and surveys a range of attributes that should be necessarily present for an enterprise to delivery business outcomes in a best practice context. Staff are asked to assess the attributes importance and its presence in reality. This is further combined with interview question sets to determine culture, vision, performance management and technology suitability and effectiveness.

People and Management – Implementation

Implementation of a change into the software development structure, management approach and/or responsibilities of staff. Change management principals apply. Can include change readiness, change workshops, communication, and coaching.