Business to IT Alignment

The business to IT relationship is complex. It is common for the business to be anxious about the value and cost of IT, conversely the IT department often feels the conflicting demands of the business make it impossible to succeed. At ITD we can help you understand the relationship and implement lasting changes that improve the quality of how the business and IT work together.

Business – IT Health check

We survey the key people in the business to understand the business view of IT, what is good, what is bad, what works and what doesn’t. Where are the gaps? We produce a formal report and give high level recommendations on where effort needs to be directed to produce the desired situation.

Business Re-engagement

We take inputs such as the alignment survey and client feedback and develop plans and strategies to get IT and the business focused on shared goals that will lead to the success of the company. We put in place mechanisms for engagement  between IT and the business and offer follow up to report on how it’s working 3, 6, 12 months later.

Business Requirements Gathering

We understand the goals and desired outcomes and then execute detailed BR collection using our extensive experience to ensure the right information is documented. We understand the pitfalls and drill down to get the real requirements clearly articulated. We deliver these in a clear and concise form, together with documented examples of how systems will work in the real world. We gain agreement and sign off from both IT and the business, so all parties know in advance what to expect, and what they must deliver.

Implement IT Governance

The correct and effective management of IT is essential if the business needs are to be met. Governance is a broad topic and what works in one organisation won’t necessarily work in another. By understanding your business, the key influencers and the culture, we develop a Governance design that will ensure IT is managed how the business needs it to be managed.  We identify key people, engage them correctly, define the roles, processes, procedures, decision schedule and deliver a model that will allow your IT to be an enabler for your business.

Implement Business Reporting

We identify the information the business needs, how they want it presented and when. We design the reports, the mechanisms for creating them and the schedule. We identify the value of the reports and why the contents are there. We agree it all with the IT and business owners and provide a  framework for the future distribution of the reports to benefit the business.